see what happens behind the counters of Office Depot and the story of the cashier


<3 LP concert 01-31-2011 <3

My bff Megan Prisk and I just saw Linkin Park, Pendulum, and Do we Offend you? YEAH in concert jan 31 2011! Our first Linkin Park concert and my first REAL concert. Two words to decribe it FUCKING AMAZING!!!! The light show was the best i have ever seen and i heard alot of regular LP concert goes saying this was their BEST LIVE SHOW YET! The bass was breath taking literally. I also made new friends Tara G. and Mr. G (her father). The only thing that really was not kick about the show was the mosh pit! No one moved or jumped or ANYTHING! it was gross to watch! Hell Megan Tara, and I were dancing and jump and shit enough for the whole crowd. The graphics Linkin park had been playing were amazing! Ive never seen something so beautiful in my life before! They really are the most amazing group of men that i have ever been that close too! One day i will meet them and i will probably pass out when i do but just thinking about it GR it makes me SO EXCITED! another thing that didnt make any sense of that ppl were smoking pot there and im sorry thats just stupid at a linkin park concert of all things! i could see someone doing it at like a Phish concert or something but Linkin park is about changing the world not supporting alcohol and drugs! i have nothing against smoking pot but other drugs and alcohol i do. I was recently in a really bad car wretch. I was sitting at a red light when a drunk driver decided he wanted to go 70 mph down a little road and he hit the car behind me who may i add was a car and half length behind me at a complete stop. Lets just say my car saving my right leg, hip and foot. The cops said i should have been hurt far more then i was. Sadly my car didnt make it and my camry toyota 86 was my best friend! I will always have a piece of it with me tho. I still have the original key and i have some of the dash in my knee still!

I miss it so much. but anyway there is my sop story of the day XD.

So i just back home from a shift at my job Office Depot. My store manager was closing his name is Ron. I love working with him. He’s such a fun boss. He knows when to be your friend and when to be your boss! The ppl i work with are so wonderful. Sure sometimes it looks like we hate each other but thats what happens when you lock a group of ppl in a building for a surtin length of time! I’m the lead cashier and i love customers except for the rude no ones who think just because im a woman i wont know anything about electronic or i cant lift more then 30 pounds or the ones who think its your job to pick up after them or unload their cart for them when they are more then able too!

Right now im sitting here listening to Linkin Park and others they are touring with. I’m debating on when i was to make dinner. Sure its only 10:35pm. Damn i have to get up tomorrow are 12 to be to work at 130pm. I work all day. Atleast its with a decent manager George.

You can check out some of the videos i have uploaded to YouTube from the concert here:

Well i think im going to make dinner now.

Taylor Reish